Motor Control

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We are well experienced in all common types of motor control.

DOL Starters
DOL starting of small motors is very common on and is usually the cheapest method.  This applies to both single and three phase motors up to about 7.5kW, where local supply authorities usually require some form of assisted starting.  We have plenty of experience with DOL starting, reversing, dual speed and star-delta starters.

When a motor needs to vary in speed, for control or for energy efficiency, a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is used.  These are also commonly referred to VVVF or VFD’.
We recommend Schneider, Rockwell and ABB Drives.

Like a VSD, these are used reduce starting current (or for mechanical sympathy) but once started are usually bypassed and the motor runs at full speed. 
They can be used for de-acceleration and are typically 20-40% less in cost than a VSD.
We typically stock and use Schneider SoftStarters.

Servos are like VSD’swith absolute position feedback. They can accurately position a load, control the torque and typically respond to direction or speed changes rapidly..
We favor the Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi Servo Systems.

DC Drives
DC Drives are still common place in industry, although they require require more maintenance. DC Drives are very good at web control, but modern AC drives are now at this level.
We use typically use the Parker DC Drives.